10 Best Sustainable Handbag Brands 2023

The fashion industry has seen a remarkable shift towards sustainable practices in recent years. With more and more brands prioritising eco-friendly materials and ethical supply chains, it has never been easier for consumers to find beautiful designer bags without compromising on their environmental values. From chic cross-body bags to vegan leather totes, here are ten high fashion brands that are making environmental strides in 2023.

1. Hermès 

An independent artisanal house since 1837, Hermès is known for the exquisite quality and longevity of its iconic creations. Their commitment to lean production and circularity principles extends to their use of natural materials in crafting elegant shoulder bags and crossbody bags. With 58% of products produced in-house and 78% made in France, Hermès boasts a largely sustainable supply chain and is dedicated to reducing its environmental impact.

2. Chanel

Chanel’s commitment to creating a lasting positive impact is evident in its ambitious sustainability goals. The brand aims to reduce its carbon footprint by 50% by 2030 and shift to 100% renewable electricity in its operations by 2025. One of Chanel’s eco-friendly product lines, N°1 DE CHANEL, showcases this commitment by utilising up to 97% naturally derived ingredients and eco-designed packaging. By focusing on environmentally friendly farming practices and reducing waste, Chanel is paving the way for sustainable luxury handbags.

3. Louis Vuitton

    Louis Vuitton’s dedication to protecting the environment is reflected in their use of raw materials that follow strict certification standards. With 86% of their leathers being Leather Working Group-certified, Louis Vuitton is devoted to researching innovative tanning methods for their sustainable handbags. Their commitments include 100% responsibly sourced raw materials by 2025 and the elimination of single-use plastic by 2030.

    4. Dior

    Dior’s love for nature drives their commitment to eco-design and creative circularity. They focus on reducing their greenhouse gas emissions and aligning their business with the 1.5°C pathway. Dior aims for a low-carbon redesign of their products to reduce CO² emissions at every step of the life cycle, using recycled and less-emitting materials in their luxury handbags. Their dedication to biodiversity preservation through flower farming exemplifies their passion for leaving only beauty as their legacy.

    5. Gucci

    As a pioneering icon of the luxury fashion industry, Gucci has been especially committed to sustainability since announcing its 10-year “Culture of Purpose” strategy in 2015. Gucci aims to reduce its environmental footprint by 40% by 2025 while achieving 100% traceability for its raw materials. By using renewable energy, developing eco-friendly sourcing solutions and focusing on circular approaches, Gucci creates sustainable designer handbags that are both fashionable and environmentally responsible.

    6. CELINE

    Owned by LVMH, CELINE is part of the LIFE 360 program, which seeks to transform the brand’s model to strike harmony with nature. With targets like zero virgin fossil-based plastic by 2026 and 100% eco-designed products by 2030, CELINE forms an instrumental part of an innovative green initiative. Led by the LIFE 360 program and its commitment to sustainable materials and a reduced environmental impact, CELINE represents an eco-friendly designer bag brand worth considering.

    7. Prada

    Prada Group’s sustainability strategy represents a comprehensive approach to improving the health of the planet. With ambitious carbon reduction targets approved by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), Prada is working to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions from both direct operations and its extended value chain. By focusing on sustainable materials, efficient energy use and waste reduction, Prada is at the forefront of creating sustainable luxury handbags that are both stylish and kind to the environment.

    8. Fendi

    Fendi is part of the LVMH LIFE program, focusing on environmental responsibility in their stores and manufacturing sites. They use 100% renewable energy sources for all of their locations and have started implementing LED lighting systems to reduce CO2 emissions. Fendi’s Italian manufacturing sites and offices hold ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certifications, demonstrating their commitment to sustainability and employee well-being.

    9. Bottega Veneta

    Bottega Veneta is synonymous with sustainability and innovation. The brand remains committed to using 100% traceable leather, while achieving 90% recycled leather scraps. They also aim to utilise 82% organic cotton and 17% bio-based or recycled plastic in their products, which range from stylish messenger bags to elegant belt bags.

    10. Balenciaga

    Balenciaga has been actively working to reduce its environmental impact by incorporating upcycled and recycled materials in their collections. Balenciaga’s supply chain upholds high social and ecological standards, working towards using 100% metal-free tanned leather in their collections by 2025.

    Sustainable Bag Brands: Blending Luxury and Environmental Responsibility

    There’s little question that these ten sustainable brands prove that luxury and sustainability can go hand in hand. From vegan handbags to bags made from recycled materials and sustainable leather, there are more eco-friendly options than ever for fashion-forward individuals. 

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